The Amsterdam connection

”The Amsterdam connection”

Hi folks!:)
I did a short trip last weekend to visit my uncle in Amsterdam.
The weather was not so nice but i still get managed to grab me a bike and captured some pictures.
Take a look! 🙂


Amsterdam-web-02 Amsterdam-web-31Amsterdam-web-30 Amsterdam-web-29 Amsterdam-web-28 Amsterdam-web-26 Amsterdam-web-25 Amsterdam-web-24 Amsterdam-web-23 Amsterdam-web-22 Amsterdam-web-21 Amsterdam-web-20 Amsterdam-web-19 Amsterdam-web-18 Amsterdam-web-17 Amsterdam-web-16 Amsterdam-web-15 Amsterdam-web-14 Amsterdam-web-13 Amsterdam-web-12 Amsterdam-web-11 Amsterdam-web-10 Amsterdam-web-09 Amsterdam-web-08 Amsterdam-web-07 Amsterdam-web-06 Amsterdam-web-05 Amsterdam-web-04 Amsterdam-web-03

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