Product Photography – Yamaha SR250 Scrambler by Retro Bikes Croatia

If somebody would ask me to make a “Favourite things list”, i would definitely put in the top 5 Photography and Motorcycles.

Recently i got hired from Retro Bikes Croatia, to do a photoshoot of their new customised bike, the Yamaha SR250 Scrambler. This is a 1997 model and its a legendary bike to customise, they say that all major customisers build at least one in they career.

The idea for this Scrambler was to make it visually as light as possible and give it a retro, vintage enduro vibe. I think i managed to capture the spirit of this little mud eater and present it in all his glory, who would not want to have a bike like this?



You can find more details about this mike on the page of Retro Bikes Croatia or on the links below;

Yamaha SR250 Scrambler by Retro Bikes Croatia

Retro Bikes Croatia SR250 Kokon


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