Stela & Ruben Wedding Photo session in the Botanical Garden of Augsburg, Germany

Stela & Ruben, a lovely young couple from Augsburg, Germany. On the wedding day we had time to go visit Botanical Gardens, such a beautiful place! I always try to explain my clients that the most two important things for a easy photo shooting are location and light. My advice  is to wait for best light possible, which is usually last hour before sunset. On this particularly day we had cloudy weather , but we managed to find nice spot in the garden with nice shades and beautiful backgrounds. We were lucky that the wedding venue was near a land field, and when the rain stopped we smuggled out for a fast second shooting. I am glad that I can show you these pictures! Share or comment if you want, everything is welcome! ☺

You can see the video by CatPaw wedding videography on the link below:


Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0522 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0524 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0536 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0550 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0561 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0567 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0568 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0579 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0588 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0620 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0638 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0664 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0701 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0714 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0739 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0757 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0774 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0797 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0827 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0846 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0884 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0903 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0911 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0925 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0936 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0947 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0969 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0977 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-0979 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1007 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1053 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1061 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1088 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1100
Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1866 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1886
Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1898Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1903 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1914 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1968 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1987 Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1995


Stela&Ruben-By-VuriMatija-1847 about my work je vrlo popularan portal koji prenosi fashion, design i lifestyle vjesti i trendove. Prošle godine su me kontaktirali i objavili članak s kratkim intervjuom o mojem radu. Nešto o meni, mojim fotografijama, vjenčanjima, putovanjima  pročitajte na is a popular web page about fashion, design and lifestyle news. Last year they asked me to do a interview about my work. So if you want to know something about me, my photographs, weddings, travel and other lifestyle trends visit the page



Business Portraits

Today, to be successful in what you do, you need to grab any opportunity to be faster, smarter, innovative and different than others. You need to grab any chance to be better then others! With todays tehnology, it’s easy to reach online your potential clients and show to them all what you can do. So when a client lands on your business page, you need to impress in any way possible!

If your company website needs an new look, my first suggestion is to make business portraits of your company leaders, owners.
I did this small studio and office session with Tania for her business profile. If you need professional portraits for LinkedIn, Facebook or Website i would be glad to make an appointment and help your business to reach a new level!
for booking contact me here:  or +385 99 8616751

U današanje vrijeme da bi se istaknuli na tržištu, trebate iskoristiti svaku priliku da budete prvi u svemu što radite. Za dobar poslovni uspjeh ističu vas brzina, snalažljivost i u konačnici inovativnost. Putem interneta vrlo je lako i dostupno doći do potencijalnih klijenata i predstaviti im što radite. Stoga, prvi dojam mora biti snažan, upečatljiv i mora zainteresirati publiku za vaše usluge.

Ako vaša web stranica treba novi, svjež izgled poslovni portreti su najbolja investicija. Ovaj kratak business photo session napravljen je u suradnji s Taniom , poslovnom managericom tvrtke koja raste iz godine u godinu. Ukoliko ste i vi zainteresirani za poslovne portrete na vašim Web stranicama, LinkedInu ili Facebook profilu, vrlo rado ću organizirati sastanak te vam pomoći da izgled vaše stranice, a samim time i vaše tvrtke postane profesionalniji.

Kontaktirajte me na: ili 099 8616751

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OnceWed vendor for Croatia

Croatia vendor @OnceWed

Good news guys, this year i have the privilege to be part of a comunity of many different artists from the wedding industry.

I am listed on the OnceWed website as a photography artist for Croatia. So if any couple wants to get married in this beautiful country, they can find me and contact for photography work.

Croatia is still a undiscovered beauty for destination weddings so if you need inspirations check my blog for venues on the Adriatic coast. Or just send me an email and i would love to hear your plans and help you to make the best wedding party ever!

Check out the link below:


OnceWed vendor Croatia Vuri Matija wedding photographer
OnceWed vendor Croatia, Vuri Matija wedding photographer

Vuri Matija Photography


The Wedding Book

Today, to be a wedding photographer is not an easy job. There are so many good photographers out there, i see almost every day a new ‘face’ with a stunning portfolio. You need to be creative in all aspect of this profession to be sucessful. When i started to thinking about my wedding book design, i wanted to do something diferent, something nobody had done yet. As a photographer you capture moments and make them to memories forever, with this thought i wanted to add something more to my service. Usually because of the tradition of throwing the wedding bouquet, the bride is not able to keep a memory of the flowers. So i had the idea to change that! The idea of keeping the flowers in the book was genius, i just needed a team to pull that idea of and make it happen. Koko albums accepted my idea and did an awesome job with the book. So we did a hand made wedding album with real flowers in the covers. I’m really proud of this one and i know my brides love it, its something personal because we can use the flowers from the wedding bouquet and keep them forever!



The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2016 Zagreb

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a global classic styled motorcycle event that raises money for prostate cancer research and suicide prevention programs. This year is the first time that this event is organised in Croatia. I am happy to be a part of this and share with you the pictures from the event!

For everyone who wants to know more about this movement and maybe help with a donation, check out the Gentleman’s ride website.

See the gallery HERE.


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Mika & Lana got married!

The wedding of Lana & Mika was just a dream, except it was real!!!

Beautiful Adriatic Sea, the Red Island venue, flowers from local fields and a couple in love… what do i need more to make unforgettable photographs?

Ok, enough talking i’m not a poet, i’m a photographer so check out the photos! 🙂  Read More

Gordana + Ivan Pavao wedding

Gordana i Ivan Pavao proslavili su svoje vjenčanje u predivnom  Zagrebačkom parku Maksimir još u Svibnju. No nedavno sam od njih dobio lijepu obavijest, da će ih uskoro biti troje! Pa prisjetimo se na njihovo divno vjenčanje te ujedno čestitamo na bebici. 🙂


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The wedding of Željka and Phill

It’s always interesting to have a international mixed couple on the wedding. On this wedding we saw some great new ideas for throwing the bouquet and the ”Hora Loca” party,  it’s a honor to be a part of a different tradition. Enough chit chat, check out the photo story below!

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